An Ending and A Beginning

It was an unexpected thrill to have a little boy put into my arms that day at the airport. Sal was heavy for his age, solid and sturdy. I never suspected this child would go on to effect so much change in the lives of those who knew him.

Sal was with us for 15 years. He was as much my son as my own flesh and blood. When he died, it was as unexpected an ending as could be. He was young. He was healthy. He was asleep in his bed. How? Why?

There would be no answers to those questions.

One thing I do know. If Salifu were still here, the scholarship and the race to raise funds to support it would not be happening. It is the beginning of something great for our community.

So, perhaps, this was what was intended all along? Who’s to say?

At any rate, his response to all this would be simply stated in one word. I can hear him now.